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Programming: it's easier than you think

Learning to write simple programs is not so difficult, really. Do you think you need to learn to program?

Well, to write reasonably simple programs, there are just a handful of basic concepts to get you head around. print("Hello") That's about the simplest programs you can write in Python; it's a simple statement that, as you no doubt realise, prints "Hello" on the screen. But it is a complete program. Not that difficult!
The best way of learning is by doing things but a little bit of theory can help put things into context.
So, here are just a few ideas that might help to get you into the swing of programming and see that, fundamentally, it's not that complicated. What’s a program?
Computer programs are made up of a sequence of statements that are instructions for the computer to do something (print on the screen, for example). 
And these statements are executed one at a time - in sequence.

(In each of the screenshots, below, you can see a small Python …