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Python in the Cloud

Create Python Web Apps in the Cloud or Develop Python Apps in your Browser  I wrote, recently, aboutfour different ways you could get Python on your computerby installing Anaconda, Thonny or plain vanilla Python.

Well, here is a fifth way where absolutely no installation is required.

I came across PythonAnywhere quite recently, itis a novel idea: a platform that gives you a development environment for Python that you operate entirely from your browser and also hosts Python-based web apps.

You can edit and run Python programs in your own personal environment, directly from your browser. And, if you are familiar with it, you can use Git for version control via a Bash shell, and you can install Python libraries using pip (which is pretty much the standard way of managing Python libraries). They have pretty much thought of everything.
Batteries Included They have even included many popular Python libraries, so you probably won't need to use pip very much, if at all. PythonAnywhere co…