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Plotting with Pandas: An Introduction to Data Visualization

If you are a budding Data Scientist or Data Journalist, being able to visualize your data with Python and Pandas gives you the ability to better understand and communicate it. And little programming knowledge is required.

Visualizing data gives you the opportunity to gain insights into the relationships between elements of that data, to spot correlations and dependencies, and to communicate those insights to others. By following this article you will learn how to plot impressive graphics using Python and Pandas.

Here is what you’ll cover: Importing the appropriate librariesGetting data about the weather in LondonProduce a first Pandas visualization using the plot() methodFind out how different types of charts are createdPlotting simple charts: line charts, bar charts, pie charts and scatter diagramsPlotting statistical Pandas charts— spotting unusual eventsBox Plots — Showing the range of dataHistogramsChanging the number of bins to focus on the outliers — Just how often is it really, …